Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sometimes You Make the Plan, Sometimes the Garden Center Does

It was a soggy wet weekend and besides getting some weeding and maintenance work done around the yard, the major changes have centered around the corner garden:Here is what this area looked like one short month ago. In between the thunderstorms I planted variegated ginger(1.), multiple bulbs, and two queen palms(2.). "What?" you say. "I don't remember queen palms on Wicked's plan." Well, sometimes you make the plan, and sometimes the Garden Center does. Yesterday while shopping I found these palms on sale for $5.99 each!!!! When you find a deal like that, you re-evaluate your plan. I strongly considered a field of queen palms, but restrained myself with only two. As they get larger I think it will provide the more intimate feeling that my online inspiration had. Check out this Chocolate Mint coleus, which I also planted in the corner garden. I can't resist anything called chocolate mint. Yummy! I'd show you where I planted it, but is raining too hard, so this is a shot of some cuttings. I hope to get lots of babies from these plants.

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