Friday, December 14, 2007

Next Year's Plans

Well, since you all liked this year's plans, I figured I'd show you what I'm planning on for next year, although this is far from the final draft. So forgive the spelling mistakes. I know how to spell elephant, I really do! I just too tired to go and fix it. Anyway, this same garden as in the previous posts. The right, next to the shed, turned out nicely and I'll keep it basically the same next year. The big change will be a circular bed in the middle of the garden. I am hoping to move the bananas from the pool out here, but I don't know how they will transplant. I also want to put some pretty crinum bulbs that have out here, if I don't kill them in the pot first. Finally, I'd like to add some gingers, pine cone and shell. My drawing (if you can even call it that) sucks. The scale is way off (my bamboo poles look like railroad ties) and the circular bed is supposed to be more in the middle instead of pushed back against the fence. But the drawing does give me an idea of what it might look like and allows me to experiment on paper with color and placing. Already I see that I might be giving up the trellis altogether and putting in some tall pine cone gingers, leaving the shell gingers for the circle. Anyway, give me your thoughts on it - ideas are always appreciated.

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