Monday, April 7, 2008

A Bucket Week

I don't know about you, but my valuable weekend gardening time has just not seemed to be there. Too much fun stuff to do and not enough time to weed. So, out of desperation, I decided to challenge myself by picking a bucket of weeds each evening for a week. Above is my weed bucket that I carry around with me while weeding. It does not take long to fill it, especially when I'm also including bird of paradise prunings. I did two buckets tonight, mostly because I was motivated. Eventually I'd like to do a bucket week each month. I'd challenge all of you to do the same, but I now there are a few reasons why many of you can't: 1. its still April, and unless you live in the south, you may not even have weeds yet, and 2. many people can't get home in time. Even if you can't join me, please send your moral support. I'm famous for devising a plan and then totally abandoning it when the mood passes.

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