Sunday, November 18, 2007

We've already had a mild frost this week and expect another shortly. Not too much damage so far, but I can't help thinking that this may be the last of the gingers for a while. I'll take picures while I can . . .

Another camellia from the butterfly garden.

Do these sprouts know what season this is? I think they are iris bulbs.
Do they normally come up in the fall?

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ground Orchid

I got this ground orchid (Spathoglottis Plicata) Friday from Lowe's. As the name implies, you can plant these babies straight into the ground instead of airy baskets. I had difficulty finding hardiness info, but most sources I've seen say hardy up to zone 9. I'm technically on the 8/9 border (I think it goes through my backyard) so I may wait until February before planting. I like Lowe's for the most part, but I don't know how they know what they are selling. The tag read "assorted perennials" I had to look up the name on the Internet. Helpful. Now the pansies I got had a ton of helpful advice, although I could figure those out on my own. The ground orchids grow from a bulb-like tuber, much like my gingers. They are also reportedly easy to divide as well. With any luck I will shortly have a garden full of these buggers.

Green Thumb Sunday

Green Thumb Sunday

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Highs and The Deep, Deep Lows of the Butterfly Garden

The camellias were very, very close to being taken out of the garden this year. They took up a lot of space and last year I only had about 2 blooms for four plants. They had a ton of bugs and one died. But, over the last few months these guys have been have been earning their keep. Lots of pretty blooms. This bloom is from the bud I posted last week. We planted winter annuals, pansies and snap dragons, for some blooms in the next few months. I even have some bulbs sprouting. I don't know what they are, possibly some irises that I thought might be dead so I let my daughter plant them in random places.


This hole opened up in the garden. I know, I know. Just the picture is giving me the creeps. Since the old Indian name for Ocala is "Land of Thousand Sinkholes", I'm more than a bit worried. When we bought the house, we had a geologist inspect the land because the owner had tried to get out of the deal by telling us there was sinkhole. Now, we are worried again. We aren't sure what to do besides getting a couple bags of topsoil and hope for the best.

Feng Shui in the Garden

I got this book today. Feng Shui in the Garden by Nancilee Wydra. I let you know if I find any good tips.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Cold Weather

Did I read that correctly? 4-0? Almost in the 30's?

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Update of the Corner Garden

1. Elephant ears. 2. Pine cone Ginger

3. Ti Plant. 4. Coral Canna

5. Sweet Potato vine, 6. Queen Palm, 7. Purple Queen,
8. Coleus, 9. Banana

Update of the Shed Garden

The shed looks full and lush, as usual. 1. Butterfly Ginger. 2. Persian Shield. 3. Sweet Potato Vine.

Update of the Pool Garden

The Pool Garden. Does it look like I've given up on it? Because, for this season, I have. The bird of paradise (1.) does well despite me, but I can't wait to get the bananas (2.) out of there. They always look so torn up and ragged. Lets not even talk about the black lagoon (3.) The pump broke and my monster's been busy with work and hasn't been able to fix it. The purple queen (4.) has taken over. Every time I look at this area, I get depressed. Here is what it looked like not too long ago.

Green Thumb Sunday

Green Thumb Sunday

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Update of Butterfly Garden

So this is the butterfly garden this year. Blah, Blah, Blah. Boring right now. The trouble is that there are some pretty things in this garden that are small and just don't register on camera. I cut back the lantana to let the camellias (1.) and salvia (2.) get some sun. The bench (3.) looks so bare now that the passion vine has died back. It is still alive - there are some thick green stems near the ground. It could bounce back in the spring. If it doesn't, I have not decided if I will replace it. It is such a cool plant, but the caterpillars love just a bit too much. Then again, it is the butterfly garden.

Here is a new bud on the camellia (1.). I really surprised by how well they are doing. Last year they had bug problems (aphids? mites? Not sure.) One ended up dying. But this year they are looking beautiful. Makes me want to replace the one that died. I really hope these do well. I'd love the have a garden full of pink buds all winter. I'll have to look up camellia care in the Internet and actually actively help these little guys.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

DragonFly Garden

When was the last time you've come across a garden blog you just wanted to sit and read every post they have written? Usually I flutter from one blog to another, reading the most recent entries, like a butterfly on the lantana. But I love a blog that grabs me, makes me want to meet that person and spend time in their garden. This evening I was looking for a good tropical blog for some inspiration. (Sorry you northern gardeners. I'm usually more frustrated than inspired by all the beautiful plants you can grow and I can't.) Well, I found Rusty and his DragonFly Garden in Miami. The garden just makes me drool, full of angel's trumpet, birds of paradise, and bougainvillea. Just gorgeous. The blog has the right mix of text and photos to make it an easy, enjoyable read. Rusty seems like someone who would be nice to have as neighbor. I would take his pass along plants any time.

Update of the Front Garden

Spent the day cleaning up and putting away the Halloween decorations.

The vinca, propagated from cuttings, is filling out.

Burgundy coleus, a cutting from my mom's garden.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Halloween Party 2007

Well, now that I'm done with the hangover and the sugar rush has subsided, I can honestly say that our party was a success. As you can see, I dressed up in the scariest costume I could find, Britney Spears. (Listen, she's had a rough year. . . ) And my man is some freaky homicidal monster, like always. Me and the freak have been married 1 year and together 7. Overall, its been a great ride.
I love you, baby!!

The front of the house at night. Here are decorations during the day.

I promise, actual garden related posts this weekend!!

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