Friday, June 1, 2007


Plants I Love (AKA Plants That Don't Die on Me)

So, this is about plants I love. But sometimes love becomes hate, and then love again until you can’t quite figure out how you feel about the object of one’s affections anymore. That pretty much sums up my relationship with lantana. It has its charms, namely my favorite quality in a plant: I can’t seem to kill it. It is drought and heat resistant, and was hardly phased when I left it in the car all day. (The impatiens didn’t fair so well.) The butterflies love it and it stands up to my daughter’s numerous bouquets. It comes back year after year and is pretty much no maintenance. But the cracks are starting to form in the relationship. It grows everywhere, suffocating my other plants such as the camellias you can hardly see anymore. I think it is responsible for the mild rash I get on my hands sometimes when working in the garden. After researching the Internet, I found out it even smells unpleasant (I have no sense of smell, but that is another post.) But then I do a little research and find out that it is reportedly used to decrease libido. I’m not sure, but I think that might finally be the last straw.

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