Saturday, April 26, 2008

Something I DIDN'T Kill . . .

It may not look like much, but for me, that plant is pure happiness. After buying these crinums at local plant sale in October, I promptly planted them. And they promptly died. Dead, dead. All brown, not an ounce of life to them. Now if I were just a touch less lazy, I would have taken them out and planted something else. But I am that lazy, and didn't really have anything else to plant there. So I left them in the ground. I was pretty bummed because I have not been able to find crinums in any nurseries. My pink ones were given to me by my mother's co-worker and I found these white ones at the master gardener's plant sale. It would have difficult to find more. So you can imagine how happy I am that these suddenly came to life a few weeks ago. The tag didn't give me the variety name, but it said it was white with pink stripes. So maybe it looks something like this?:
Maybe I'm overly optimistic. Whatever. If it blooms at all I'll be ecstatic.

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