Friday, May 4, 2007

Purple Queen (Purple Heart)

Plants I Love (AKA The Plants that Don’t Die on Me)

Below are helpful links to plants I’ve had success with in Central Florida and are growing in my garden currently.

Purple Queen (Purple Heart) – This plant is much maligned as an invasive. My honey hates it because it can get scraggily and finds its way into the pool. My parents have battled a patch growing in their yard for years. They finally laid brick over it as part of a patio and the purple shoots are poking through the cracks. But I love its deep purple foliage and how it takes the heat. Besides, there is absolutely no easier plant to propagate. Cut off a leaf with a good portion of stem, poke a hole in the ground with a pencil, stick the stem in it, and walk away. Done. Practically my definition of great plant.

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