Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rainbow Springs

Wow. What happened to February? Time seems to be ZOOMING right by. It's almost time to start planting! Since I know the agony of losing plants to a mid-March freeze, I'm being patient and waiting a few more weeks. I have started some seed and have salvia and 4 o'clocks coming up, but more on that later. . .

For right now, I'll post a very belated post on the Rainbow Springs Cracker Fest. (Yeah, I know . . . )

The azaleas were blooming. The rest of the year I'm not such a big fan of azaleas. They tend to look pretty scraggly for my taste. But when everything is all brown and yucky like it is now, and these scraggly bushes turn into huge pink powder puffs, I can't help myself. I want azaleas everywhere!
Rainbow Springs used to be, a long time ago, a natural theme/zoo. It is now a state park. When it was a theme park, they built man-made waterfalls. I'll need to come back when those crinums are in bloom.

For some reason, I didn't know you could make angora yarn straight from the rabbit.

I am very good at taking pictures of random, silly stuff, and completely forgetting the obvious. I'm the one that goes to Disney and takes 20 pictures of a cool planter on the sidewalk and forgets to take one of Cinderella's castle. I realized when I got home that I didn't take any pics of the beautiful, crystal clear, turquoise springs. This was as close as I got.

I just like to say "coontie".

Well, I couldn't leave without an azalea! I really fell for these Pinxter azaleas. They are Florida natives and look so much cooler than the ubiquitous standard azaleas. The plant I came home with is smaller and still in bud, but hopefully in a few years it will look like this one. BTW, if I ever have another blog, I'm naming it the Pinxter. Blog, or cat, either way.

Friday, February 27, 2009

If you are looking for me . . .

I'm now on the Twitter.

(I'll be back here soon.)

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