Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Plants I Love
(AKA Plants That Don't Die on Me)
Curcuma, Hedychium coronarium, and Alpinia zerumbet

This absolutely one of my favorite plants and I hope that this picture illustrates why. This is a hidden ginger (Curcuma) and it looks so delicate and exotic. The great part about this plant is that it is hardy in this area. The plant dies back in the winter but pops back up in the spring with these gorgeous flowers. I haven’t had any problem with disease, insects or watering. They are definitely hidden however. They are planted in the Shed Garden and you really have to hunt for them in the pictures.

More prominent are the spiky butterfly gingers (Hedychium coronarium). They didn’t bloom last year, which I hear is not uncommon with this plant, but I hope to have some white orchid-like flowers this year. Shell ginger (Alpinia zerumbet) is a plant I’ve always wanted to try, and will probably will this year with plants behind the palm tree.


Hidden Ginger:

Butterfly Ginger:
Shell Ginger:

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