Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bucket Week - Day Three

Yep. I did my bucket tonight. In fact, I did two because I'm going to Mom's tomorrow night and I won't be able do my bucket. (This is some exciting shit, folks) I discovered something interesting tonight. I find destroying tiny, defensive, completely innocent living things can be very calming. Sitting in the pool garden, with the sun setting and a cool breeze gently blowing my hair, all I thought was, I should sit here and pull tender seedlings by their roots every night! It was pleasant and peaceful experience. My garden became a place again, instead of a giant to-do list. My red cannas were coming back. My garden really was my favorite place in the world. Weed free, my garden was promising again. Life was promising again. . . Then a mosquito bit me. Then another. Whatever. This sucks. I'm going inside, Idol is on.

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