Saturday, October 13, 2007

Plant Sale

Today my friend and I went the Master Gardener’s Fall plant sale. She’s the friend that recently got a job inspecting local plant nurseries, so for the purpose of this blog, she will be here on out called the Nursery Nazi. (Hee, hee. This is my blog and she can’t stop me!) Anyway the sale was smaller than the Extension Service’s spring sale, which has elaborate setups from local vendors. This event included plants grown by the Master Gardeners themselves and most of the plants were steals.

Black Eyed Susans

Later, we stopped by the Nursery Nazi’s house. She and her husband built a very pretty wood trellis and surrounding garden where there once was an above ground pool.

A canna from her garden.

A huge elephant ear so big it is about to clear the house.
So here is what I came away with today:

From the sale:
2 pots of crinum. I think (hope) that they are Nassau Lilies. From the description at the sale, the flowers are less trumpet-like and more lily-like than my other crinums. The flower petals are white with dark pink stripes. No flowers on my plants, but they have lime green leaves that are creased, which match Nassau Lily descriptions. The plants were a good deal at $6 a pot because there were at least five bulbs in each pot.

This is someone else's Nassau Lily.

1 angel trumpet. I’ve wanted to try this plant for a while. This one has peach and cream flowers. $4.

I got more stuff at the Nursery Nazi’s house:
1 big elephant ear and several small pups. She said something about them being invasive in this area. Whatever.
3 4-inch pots of orange portulaca plants
1 aloe plant with lots of pups
1 bag of four o’clock seeds.

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