Sunday, April 29, 2007

How to Cook Impatiens

One of the dangers of the location of my job is that it is relatively close to both a Barnes and Noble and a Lowe’s. Both are excellent ways to kill $50 bucks and a lunch hour. Several days ago I had a plant craving, an obsessive/compulsive urge to go out and buy a plant that I had stuck in my head. I found some beautiful pale pink impatiens at Lowe’s, full of flowers, for an area in the front yard. I bought them, then left them in the car while I returned to work. Well apparently, impatiens are not fond of 110 degree plus heat for four hours. This was the result. All isn’t completely lost. The one on the right looked just as bad as the others, but it is coming back. The others have small little shoots coming up. Interestingly, the lantana I bought and left in the car with the impatiens wasn’t fazed at all. That’s why I love it!

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