Saturday, June 16, 2007

My Mystery Plant has a Bud!

These are my mystery plants. My mom got them from her friend who said that it was some sort of lily. Originally I put them in the bed with palm tree. I took them out, and left them on the lawn for about week before my Monster convinced me to plant it along the fence. Lately in the neighborhood I’ve noticed pretty pink lilies blooming from plants similar to mine. After reading a tropical plant book, I think (hope) it might be a crinum lily. Here is part of the description: “Some species develop a trunk like pseudostem, which is actually an extension (or neck) of the bulb.” Check. “(Flowers) are in clusters at the end of a solid stalk which arises from the side of the pseudostem.” Check! The picture in the entry shows hot pink funnel shaped flowers. Even better it says they are draught tolerant and hardy in my area. I will be SO excited if accidentally scored a really cool plant that I almost threw away!!!!

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