Sunday, June 17, 2007

Update of The Corner Garden

This is the left side of the Corner garden, the actual corner of the Corner garden. (I need to change that name.) The left side is finally getting interesting enough to photograph. In the back are my mystery plants (1.). In front of them are some varigated shell ginger plants (2.) with cannas (3.) thrown in for good measure. After planting the tubers back in early March, the red pine cone ginger (4.) came up. I had given up and planted four blue salvia plants there. I moved the salvia to the butterfly garden and under the elephant ears (5.). The elephant ears are transplants from a side bed that you couldn't see. I really need some landcape timbers to outline this bed.

This is the right side of the Corner garden, next to the shed. Don't look at the compost pile. Damn it -I told you not to look!

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