Saturday, October 11, 2008

Master Gardener's Plant Sale

It is already time again for the Master Gardener's Fall Plant Sale where local Master Gardeners get rid of their extras for fun and profit. The Nursery Nazi called me up again and headed down with me.

There seemed to be more selection this year, although N.N. lured me with the promise of lots of gingers, a promise that didn't really pan out. I did find some Angel Wing Begonias for the pool garden:

I've been wanting one of these and was happy to hear from one of the Master Gardeners that it propgates easily. It was fun shopping with the N. N. She could inspect my plants for bugs and diseases before I bought them! We also had a chance to hang out at her house and see some of her plants:

Wild Poincetta (which I think I like WAY better than the Christmas kind.)

Pink Mandevilla growing on her trellis.

Chickens! Chickens are funny.

N.N. didn't know what this plant was . . .

. . . or this one. Do you know?

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