Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tagged and Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I've been tagged by Sparky for the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I usually shy away from these things, but Sparky, ya' caught me in a mood. Here it goes.

My favorites:

1. Clothes Shop: While there are many places I like better, my budget usually dictates that I shop at Target. It's all about the math: Less money for clothes = more money for plants
2. Furniture Shop: My parents and In-Law's houses.
3. Sweet: If it isn't chocolate, its as waste of time and calories.
4. City: Is this favorite city? I spent a summer in St. Petersburg, Russia when I was in college, so I'm attached to that city. I like visiting just about any city, especially one with a good subway system. Wasn't crazy about L. A.
5. Drink: Rum and Coke is the ol' stand by, but I'll try just about anything.
6. Music: Hmmm, Beck and Jack White are incapable of writing a bad song. I also like Fiona Apple, Feist, Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, and NIN.
7. TV Series: Lost. Period. I might watch others, but I'm a bit obsessed with this one.
8. Films: Napoleon Dynamite, anything by Charlie Kaufman.
9. Workout: I have an expensive elliptical machine that I think about using all the time.
10. Pastries: Cupcakes.
11 Coffee: Starbucks. I used to be a die hard coffee person, but I'm becoming more of a green tea fan.

Now I gotta tag someone. Please know I will not be offended if you don't post about the tag. This is just a chance to call out some of my favorite blogs: A Succulent Life, Cannas and Bananas, Florida Backyard, Bloom, and the Greenhouse Gardener.

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