Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Long Over Due Post

One of the things that I have learned about gardeners is that they are generous beyond words. That is definitely true of Garden Bloggers. And I've also learned that your baby is your baby forever, even if someone else is taking care of it, at least I feel that way. So I thought that the very generous gardeners that have sent me seeds and cuttings might like to see how their babies are doing:

First are Red Yucca seedlings from VanillaLotus at New Sprout. She sent them back in May and they shot right up, but they've looked like this for several months now. I had several containers that more or less look like this and I planted one in the ground to see if it would take off, but that was only a week ago. Not sure if this is just what yucca do (hee, hee) or if I'm doing something wrong. I really hope it takes off because I love yucca blooms.

Second are Angel Trumpet seeds from the Gardening Fool. They are going gang busters. I think there about 7 to 9 plants and I can't wait to see how they progress. Then came the mother load: Green Jeans from Central Florida Gardening extremely generously sent me a box of great plants, including some of her spiral ginger:

This was from the tuber:
These were cuttings.

She also sent hibiscus seeds (below)
. . . and air plants, which I really thought I got a picture of until I turned on the camera tonight.

Last but not least, Annette from our Our Garden Dirt for seeds from her fabulous four o'clocks. I'm following her specific instructions and not planting them until spring. (BTW Annette, where did ya' go?)
Many THANKS to all of you!!!

Side note: I brought all of the babies in tonight because it is getting COLD tonight. Not quite freezing, but too cold for the little ones. The cold weather has me mentally skipping Halloween and going right to Christmas. I'm trying to get in a festive mood, but I'm not quite feeling Halloween this year.

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