Friday, October 24, 2008

Attention Florida Voters: Read This Post!!

Prompted by Julie at A Succulent Life!, I searched the Internet for info on the almost incomprehensible amendments to Florida constitution. As I am planning on voting tomorrow, I wanted to be knowledgeable. (Yes! Early voting in Florida includes Saturdays! Wah-Hoo!! Not all locations, but the one I was planning to use has it.) There are some really important ones on there, and the wording is simply ridiculous. They need to be translated into English. This was a really good site, and I wanted to share it with my fellow Florida gardeners.

(BTW - Again, I'm steering away from flowers, but I think there is an amendment or two here us nature lovers can get behind. Amendment 4, anyone?)

(BTW, BTW - If you do live in Florida, try to vote early. The lines are already crazy long and are sure to be worse on the 4th. I tried today and the line wrapped half around the building. And these people were standing in the rain! Don't wait if you can help it.)

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