Sunday, February 10, 2008

Boat Ride on the Withlacoochee

For all my whining about not being able to garden because of the yucky weather, as soon as it turned nice, it seemed such a shame to waste the beautiful day puttering away in the garden. So me and the family spent a lot of time outside the past few weekends. Last weekend, we went to Homosassa Springs, an area known for its manatees. I'd have lots of pictures to show you, but I forgot the camera in the car. Yesterday, my in-laws took my family on a pontoon boat ride on the Withlacoochee river. This time I remembered the camera. What a great day.I always look to see what is blooming in my mother-in-laws garden, and this time it was this plant with red flowers. Neither of us know what it is, so if you do, let me know.

These are cypress trees along the river. Check out the old waterline.
My mother-in-law knows how to take a boat ride. Plenty of food and wine!
My knowledgable inlaws told me the name of these birds several times, but of course I forgot it. Like I said, there was plenty of wine. Regardless, they were excited to see so many because this bird is particularly sensetive to environmental polution and was it was a sign that the river was getting cleaner.
The remains of a railway bridge, from back when this area was filled with phosphate mines.

Bird on a branch.

This is a great blue heron standing on its nest. This picture turned out way better than I expected.

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