Monday, February 18, 2008

The Day After Daytona

Yesterday me and the monster went to Daytona. Sorry environmentalists, it is a huge waste of energy, but damn is it fun! Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon had a bad day, but we had a great one. The weather was beautiful and the jets were awesome as always. With the exception of the crumby music (Chubby Checker? seriously?) the day pretty good. But enough NASCAR, this is a garden blog. Have you ever wondered what is under the track's stadium seating?
Plants! And I can find a plant any where, and drive my husband crazy trying to take pictures. Granted, this space would be better used for tables and chairs, which were in short supply, but it was refreshing to see all the greenery. I'm not sure what the kinds of plants they were, mostly palms. They certainly had to be durable, being covered with beer, french fries, and cigarettes all day.

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