Sunday, July 8, 2007

New Buds in the Garden

This is a Stargazer Oriental Lily growing in the butterfly garden. It is beautiful and I plan to add many more of these in this garden next year. I really like the fly in the picture. But like a bad parent, I've been neglecting the pretty lily for other plants that just a little more interesting to me.

Now this is exciting! Totally made my day. See, my butterfly ginger appears to have a bud. This is first I've seen and I'm so happy. More pictures to come, I promise!

This the first canna to bud in the corner garden. Since I bought the bulbs in a big Bag o' Canna, I'm not sure what color it is. Could be orange or pink. Since this plant is very close to the Crinum lilies, I'm hoping for pink.

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