Sunday, July 29, 2007

A New Garden Bed

A couple of weeks ago, Beth from Morning Glories was sweet enough to tag me for the "Seven Random Things About Me" meme. Being the slacker that I am, I never go to it. I intended to, but you know how things get. If I did this list, one of the items on it would have been, "All of my plants and gardens are in the backyard. I have virtually nothing in the front." (Others would have been "Motorized garden tools scare me and I try not to use them." and "My first houseplant was named Edie and I had her for 12 years.") The biggest reason is that I simply do not spend much time in the front yard. My pool is in the back, with the fire pit and bar, and my daughter's play house. Lots of reasons to be in the back, none to be in the front. Well, that has now changed. Since my neighbor has insisted that we interact more socially, I've decided to create a garden bed in the front yard:
My reasons for this are two-fold: 1. I am a moron. This is the absolutely worst time of the year to plant anything, much less a whole garden bed. 2. If I didn't plant the oleander soon, it would die. I don't do well with potted things. Note dead camellia I bought at the convention under the window in the first picture. If Mother Nature doesn't help me, a plant's days are numbered. So I started digging sod last weekend. Today I planted the oleander. I also planted a few vincia cuttings in the front of the bed. I'll add elephant ears, caladiums and white irises. It is definitely a work in process, but should be up and going by next may.

Helpful Hint: Don't use rocks as mulch. It will make the future owners of your home hate you when they want to change the garden bed.

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