Monday, July 16, 2007

Rainy Day Report

It is currently pouring in my garden - yay! I don't have to water tonight! In celebration, I offer you some pics I took over the weekend of some garden blooms.
My canna are finally blooming! Since I planted a big bag-o-canna, the colors were a mystery until now. I was hoping this one would be more pink, but it came up coral. Not too bad - I'll keep it. I really like the yellow one. Note that my beautiful crinum lilies are still blooming away in the background. I've restrained myself from posting a bunch more pictures of them.
Passion Flower. I LOVE this flower. Nice and weird, just how I like everything in my life. I just wish these crazy flowers were more plentiful.
Another Stargazer Lily. Do you like my daughter's found art installation? It is tentatively called 'Fire in the Sky, Grounded.'

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