Saturday, January 19, 2008

This is What Depression Looks Like

So, I'm taking a vote. What is the most depressing thing about the above garden bed? The dead, frost killed plants? Or the Christmas decorations that still have to be taken down?

This the time of year that frankly, I get whiney. If you thought I whiney in August, you have not seen anything yet. I walk around my garden and all the thoughts come flooding back: Am I any good at gardening? Should I take up knitting again? (I was terrible at it the first time) Will any of my plants come back? Will another frost kill them if they do? Why did the frost kill all of my pretty plants and leave all of the weeds? Will it ever look like it did in June? Ugh. Add to it the fact that it has been cold and rainy the last few days and it all makes you want to curl up on the couch with a cup of tea and finish up Season 3 of LOST.
This week was especially busy at work, and I've had my share of brushes with fame. Wesley Snipes! Willie Nelson! John Travolta! They have made work interesting. Did you know that Willie washes his own tour bus? Supposedly, because of the Snipes trial, all kinds of celebrities will be descending little ol' Ocala. I'll let you know if there are any more sightings. Well, with all hub-bub, I realized that I missed my own blogaversery!! I've been doing this for an entire year! I don't care what they say, folks. Miracles DO happen. I was planning on doing this lovely self-congratulatory post, full of ideas about the future of my gardens. Oh well, maybe I'll get to it by next year!

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