Thursday, January 10, 2008

Pink Rules and Yellow Sucks It

At this time of year, the dominate color in the garden is brown, and frankly, I really need some pink right now. So here are some shots of my Christmas cactus that bloomed last week. I was never much of a fan of pink until my daughter was born. Somehow, in my head, she made it okay to like girly things and love pink. She made it acceptable and even wonderful to be a girl just like her and proud to be her mother. It is sad that I had to have a baby girl to have that happen, but it is what it is. And she is the biggest girly-girl. All her clothes must be pink if she will be wearing them. I guess it rubbed off, because I now use it liberally in the garden and miss the color when it isn't around. I know that not everyone agrees with me. There was one garden book on plant colors that I found pretty useless and forgot the name of. The author insisted that pink should be used sparingly, if at all, in a "civilized" garden and especially detested the hot pink/fuchsia color I love. People seem to be very particular about their color choices in the garden. I happen to think yellow sucks it, but of course that might change. So, what are your favorite colors to use in the garden? Which do you hate? And this ain't politics or religion people; feel free to tell me exactly how you feel. You can even disagree with me! The nicey-nice stuff has gone too far on the gardening blogosphere. Being mean and nasty about totally irrelevant things ("Orange is obnoxious!!", for example) can be fun, and is certainly more interesting! Let me know what you think. Creative adjectives are welcome.

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