Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Toyz, Toyz, Toyz!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, I certainly did. I got lots of toys! Er . . . I mean, my daughter got lots of toys!! The debate on how to raise future gardeners has been raging in the blogosphere. Check out this toy that activates the minds of little would-be gardeners. This could also be a mock up of my future home if money and physics were no object.

It is the Garden Girlz Meadow Mansion that my daughter got for Christmas yesterday. I officially like it as much, if not more, than my daughter. Who wouldn't like to live in a flower?
The coolest part is that there is growing medium that looks like white batting that you soak and put into crevices on the toy. The set includes seeds for grass and bean sprouts that you plant in the medium. So the toy is actually a planter! So cute! It even comes with a tiny little watering can. Can you image how many hours of fun you could have had if this when you were young? I am forever trying to recreate this fantasy garden I have had in my head since I was a child. I can't wait to see what gardens my daughter comes up with after playing with this. Meanwhile, I'll be riding on a berry gondola . . . . . . and wheeling around some pollen in my rosebud house. They have an incredible boring and uninformative website here. They really should have done something cute with it. I wouldn't recommend this toy to young children because there are quite a few very small pieces.
Santa gave me toyz too! Here is a belt thingy with pouches for tools. Very cool.
I also got some primo pruners. And a Lowes Card! Wah-hoo! Way to go Santa!
Oh! And a amaryllis from my Grandma. More on that in future posts.

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