Sunday, December 16, 2007

Pool Garden Update

For all you with snow on the ground, I am sending warm, hibiscus laden thoughts.

Making good on my commitment to show updates of the garden at least once a month, I'll show the gardens today. December and January just kill me when it comes to the garden. Everything starts to go dormant and dull. Oh well - Spring is right around the corner. I'm lucky enough to live where spring will start in late January, first of February. The above hibiscus bloomed in the pool garden today, but the plant may not live through the night. Even though yesterday was in the 80's, we are expecting a frost tonight that could take out many of my plants. Long ago I accepted the fact that the hibiscus never makes it out of the winter alive at my house, even though my work and my mother-in-law have had beautiful lush bushes for years. They are only 20 minutes south of me!
The algae is growing beautifully!

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