Sunday, November 4, 2007

Update of Butterfly Garden

So this is the butterfly garden this year. Blah, Blah, Blah. Boring right now. The trouble is that there are some pretty things in this garden that are small and just don't register on camera. I cut back the lantana to let the camellias (1.) and salvia (2.) get some sun. The bench (3.) looks so bare now that the passion vine has died back. It is still alive - there are some thick green stems near the ground. It could bounce back in the spring. If it doesn't, I have not decided if I will replace it. It is such a cool plant, but the caterpillars love just a bit too much. Then again, it is the butterfly garden.

Here is a new bud on the camellia (1.). I really surprised by how well they are doing. Last year they had bug problems (aphids? mites? Not sure.) One ended up dying. But this year they are looking beautiful. Makes me want to replace the one that died. I really hope these do well. I'd love the have a garden full of pink buds all winter. I'll have to look up camellia care in the Internet and actually actively help these little guys.

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