Saturday, November 3, 2007

DragonFly Garden

When was the last time you've come across a garden blog you just wanted to sit and read every post they have written? Usually I flutter from one blog to another, reading the most recent entries, like a butterfly on the lantana. But I love a blog that grabs me, makes me want to meet that person and spend time in their garden. This evening I was looking for a good tropical blog for some inspiration. (Sorry you northern gardeners. I'm usually more frustrated than inspired by all the beautiful plants you can grow and I can't.) Well, I found Rusty and his DragonFly Garden in Miami. The garden just makes me drool, full of angel's trumpet, birds of paradise, and bougainvillea. Just gorgeous. The blog has the right mix of text and photos to make it an easy, enjoyable read. Rusty seems like someone who would be nice to have as neighbor. I would take his pass along plants any time.

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