Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ground Orchid

I got this ground orchid (Spathoglottis Plicata) Friday from Lowe's. As the name implies, you can plant these babies straight into the ground instead of airy baskets. I had difficulty finding hardiness info, but most sources I've seen say hardy up to zone 9. I'm technically on the 8/9 border (I think it goes through my backyard) so I may wait until February before planting. I like Lowe's for the most part, but I don't know how they know what they are selling. The tag read "assorted perennials" I had to look up the name on the Internet. Helpful. Now the pansies I got had a ton of helpful advice, although I could figure those out on my own. The ground orchids grow from a bulb-like tuber, much like my gingers. They are also reportedly easy to divide as well. With any luck I will shortly have a garden full of these buggers.

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