Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wicked Plant Mover

At this time of year it, it feels as though my main purpose as a gardener is to move plants from one spot to the another, and sometimes back again. There isn't much else to do besides weed some. There seems to be multiple reasons to move plants. Below, this little canna is growing out of bounds and needs to be put back.
At the store I was eyeing some one gallon pots of crepe myrtle that were on sale for about $5. Yesterday, after pulling out the 18th trillion crepe myrtle seedlings, I finally got smart. So I transplanted a bunch of seedlings from my trees to the fences on the sides of my yard. It is an experiment and they are still in a bit of shock. Hopefully it will work and I'll have a bunch of crepe myrtle bushes.

I've also taken a bunch of cuttings this weekend. These plants are headed for parts currently unknown.

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