Sunday, July 27, 2008

Meet Mr. Nestor White

Normally, eBay purchases are a pretty anonymous affair. You know a person's email, and typically their address. You might be able to deduce that a person represents a store or nursery or if they are private individuals selling their stuff. That's about it. But then I ordered from Mr. Nestor White.
I was very pleased with the purchase itself. Not only did I receive the crinum bulbs I was promised, but he threw in a bonus bulb. In the package was also a CD, and here I was introduced Mr. White. The CD had scans of new paper articles he and his garden was featured in. He's a home gardener in Orange Park, FL near Jacksonville. His garden features about 40,000 plants, with his passion (and here is where my heart flutters a bit . . .) being his 4,000 crinum bulbs. The CD not only included pictures of almost all of his 250 varieties of crinum and other plants, but pictures of his family and amazing jam packed home garden. With his permission, I just had to post about it. Now if he would only start a blog . . . I'd be in heaven!

The above picture is a nice example of using crinum in a front border.
The pathway to the backyard has crinum and cannas, along with a bunch of other stuff.

How gorgeous is that giant crinum?

What I love about his garden is that it is not a pristine magazine garden. There are things out of place, scattered about and most definitely lived in. But there is no doubt that every square inch of the place jammed with the most interesting things. I know I could spend hours there.

Here's what I've bought from Mr. White. These are his pictures, not mine. My plants are still babies and will take a few years to bloom:

Two Crinum Americanum bulbs

The Hannibal's Dwarf was a bonus plant. I'd like to get more of these.

I bought several of these small Digweedii 'Nassau' bulbs.

JC Harvey was the bonus.
All of my purchases are still going very strong and I am quite happy. Mr. White has a very good rating as well, so I'm not the only one who feels this way. If you are shopping eBay for crinums, look for the seller Bulbsnmore. You'll be very pleased.

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