Sunday, May 11, 2008

Update of the Corner Garden

The corner garden is missing something. I think it's a focal point. I was moving towards an outdoor room like my inspiration, but now I am leaning back to my original plan of an island. I'd move the two queen palms closer to each other and fill in the circle with my lovely crinums. Big tall ginger would line the fence. Now that I have a source for cool crinum and gingers (eBay), I've got big plans for them. I'm still conflicted and I have to make up my mind soon because the queen palms will quickly get too big to move.
Speaking of my new eBay addiction, here is my first purchase. The pot came with this plant and two little pups. It's still small, but if it is like my other crinum plants, it will grow fast and multiply like rabbits.

Something, I'm not sure what, trampled my new shoots of ginger. A certain someone swears that it wasn't his remote control truck. Good, because I'd hate to see what would happen to someone's truck if it turns out it was in my ginger.

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