Monday, March 31, 2008

Epcot Part 1

This weekend, me and my family went Epcot for their Flower and Garden Show.

One of the highlights was seeing Ellen Zachos from Down & Dirty Gardening speak.

She was demonstrating how to make a dinosaur garden for little gardeners. Ellen gave my daughter a dinosaur toy and she's slept with it the last two nights. I guess I'm going to have make my own dinosaur garden now! I've forgotten most of her suggestions, (Did I mention it was a long day?) but one plant really did stand out: the Alocasia Stingray. Cool, huh?

We also met this lady, who did not want to be photographed . . .

But she gave us lady bugs to release into the garden.

That is my husband's hand. My daughter was too scared. In fact, I had now idea that Epcot was such a scary place. Between the bugs in boxes to the grown adults dressed up like animals wanting to randomly hug small children, I thought my girl was going to have a full on breakdown.

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