Sunday, October 7, 2007

The New Racetrack

As of late, my beautiful, meticulously cared for gardens have become the resident NASCAR fan’s practice track. Okay, maybe “meticulous” is a bit of an overstatement, but still. My monster has discovered that he can fund his new RC car habit . . ., I mean hobby, by selling random old stuff on ebay. He has actually made a good amount of money on it and has become obsessed with buying RC cars. These things are expensive! Holy smokes! I know why I garden – it is relatively cheap! It’s really cheap when you become friends with the nursery folks. The last time I visited my favorite one, I wanted a plant that they had planted in their display garden beds, but didn’t have in stock. After seeing my disappointment, the owner gave me a clipping! Cool. I should be getting some more insider info soon. My best friend just got a job as a nursery inspector for the county. I’m now hoping for the inside dirt on cool out of the way nurseries and which ones to avoid because of too many buggies. Of course I’ll blog about her finds.

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