Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Do They Make a Spray for This?

First the caterpillars, now these! Yes, in Florida, where the leaves do not change color and the air only barely cools off, sometimes the only sign that fall is here is the first sighting of skelatons on the oleander. In a week, the yard will be infested! Yay!!!

It has been a rainy week so far. The plants have enjoyed it, but everything is soggy. It was fun to be standing in the house, looking out at the garden and suddenly see an unidentifiable spot of pink. I ran out to the butterfly garden and found this brand new bloom on my camellia, which did a whole lot of nothing last year. Lots of buds on the plant so I should have many blooms to come!!

Fresh looking vinca soaking up the rain.

Even the roses in front of the play house, which looked dead all summer, decided to perk up.

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