Sunday, March 14, 2010

Don't tell the Squirrels

Finally. A gorgeous weekend where I didn't have a ton to do. That meant I've had plenty of time to go out and get dirty in the garden. It was a very clear weather in the 70's that makes you wish it was like this all of the time. Okay, I'd be even okay with 48 weeks a year - giving 2 to hot weather and two weeks to cold. That would be just about perfect.

It was a huge relief to see that some of my favorite plants are starting to come back. With a week of hard freezes in January, I wasn't sure if even my most dependable tropicals were going to pull through. The Philodendron is unfurling some new branches.
The canna is going full force.
And, I'm so happy about this:
My gingers are back!!! (Just don't tell the squirrels.)

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