Saturday, June 21, 2008


Yesterday I went to Kanapaha Botanical Gardens, one of the nicest things ever to come out of Gainesville. (Sorry Gators, as a die-hard Nole, I have to poke fun.) It was lovely morning, even as the threat of a nasty thunderstorm loomed. I've been to Kanapaha several times before, but often later in the year, when much of the foliage has faded. It was nice to come in
June and see so much in its peak.

Orange Cannas and White Cleome. While all of the variety names are very clearly noted on all of these plants, I was not so diligent in recording them- Sorry! Cleome has just come into my radar this and I've been noticing them everywhere. I really like this combo, and think I'll be trying it in the garden next season.
We had a tour guide - her name is Willow. Willow followed us everywhere, showing each of the gardens, lagging behind, then catching up with us through a secret short cut only she knew. She was so charming, and really took a shine to my daughter.

This is the herb garden. Willow is patiently waiting for us to catch up. This garden in particular has looked a bit lack luster in previous years, but today was gorgeous. It is split into medical herbs and scented herbs. Everything is labeled very clearly and has detailed info on how each plant is used. It would be easy to spend hours in this garden.
I love this picture of an anchor in the middle of the jungle for no apparent reason. It totally screams 'Lost' to me.

Kanapaha is known for its bamboo garden.

Namaste, Buddha-Man.

More Cleome with Canna. I really do like this combo.

Kanapaha does however have a serious bug problem.

Now, regular readers must know how happy this little sign makes me. How did I miss this before? I guess I only really discovered crinum flowers last summer, and when I have visited the gardens in the fall, the show was not as spectacular as it is now.
This area is probably week from really going crazy.

This Crinum Augustum 'Queen Emma' is a real stunner.

Note: If you go to Kanapaha, bring bug spray. We forgot it, and although they typically keep a supply at the entrance desk, but they ran out yesterday.

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