Sunday, September 23, 2007

Lowry Park

I'll have admit, it has been hard to post lately. It is September, there is little new in the garden, and most of it is weedy and long. I just read The Ruins which is enough to make anyone shy away from planting anything remotely vine-like. I haven't wanted to write too much because I feel like I'm complaining. But after a trip to Lowry Park Zoo yesterday, I was inspired. Maybe not to start all the work my garden needs, but to take pictures and post a few updates. (If you are a Tampa area gardener, check out their Zoo Poo program.)
The zoo has an Asian themed aviary that I really like. This picture does not do it much justice, but I like the orchids above the ginger and the clay pot. This the direction I'd like the corner garden to go to.

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