Saturday, September 1, 2007

Go figure. Today was the first day in several weeks that I was motivated to head into the garden and of course it has been a very rainy morning. It did lead to some cool pictures of the elephant ears, however.

The raindrops are pretty.

One of the prettier things in the garden now are some pink saliva that got from cuttings of larger plants in the front yard. This variety of saliva appears to do very well from both seed and cuttings. It also hold up in the hot weather. I can't say any of that about the blue salivas. They are growing scraggly and yellow. This pink variety will have a prominent place in next year's butterfly garden. Next to the salvia is a tiny camellia bud on a plant that I'm amazed I haven't killed yet.

And check this out! Azaleas in August! (Ok, it is officially September, but they were there yesterday too, so my amazement counts.) I didn't know they bloomed at this time of year!

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