Sunday, January 14, 2007

Welcome to Wicked Gardener

Welcome to my resolution.

So. This is my first entry for Wicked Gardener. This is something I've wanted to do for years. I love reading garden blogs and for a long time have felt that I could contribute something to this community. The big garden sites are fine, but I love nothing more than finding a terrific little blog, a personal, intimate account of a gardener and their struggles in taming their little piece of nature. So, one of my resolutions is to finally start a Gardening Blog.

I am a thirty year old mother of one who lives in Ocala, Florida with my beloved monster. We purchased our first home in 2004 and are gradually developing a backyard garden for our little munchkin. I've loved plants since I received my first cutting that turned into a beautiful houseplant. Now that I have a yard of my own, I'm doing my best to create our own secret garden paradise.

Notes on the name, Wicked Gardener: I love nothing if not the subversive. I wish my talents in life were slightly different so that I could be covered in tattoos and still be employed. I'm an atheist and a libertarian and plenty of people in my life have called me a witch (and the other word, starting with a B.) I had a child (and bought a home) out of wedlock and when we finally did marry, we eloped on our favorite holiday, Halloween. In my ultra conservative Red-State town, I might as well be the devil herself. This site is dedicated to the counter-culture domsestic arts, and since I do not cook, clean, sew (I knit a little, but badly) or anything else useful, I play in the dirt. Besides, I'm originally from Massachusetts, so I wanted a wicked cool blog run by a wicked gardener.

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