Thursday, January 25, 2007

Frost Tonight?

For a moment, I thought I got away with something this year. While I've gardened in this area long enough to know that a frost was inevitable, I hoped against hope that it might consider bypassing us this year. Tonight is our first real possibility of frost. At 52 degrees, it barely feels cold out right now, but the weathermen, with urgent and dramatic threats, are telling me to cover anything I have the even faintest hope of keeping.

I covered with old sheets the Bird of Paradise and Hibiscus by the pool. Both of the these plants are relatively expensive and slow to recover from a lot of frost damage. I also covered some Elephant Ears that I'm just hoping to keep because I like where they are at. Now there is nothing left to do but put do some laundry I've neglected and throw a wool blanket on the bed and try not to think about what might die in my garden tonight.

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