Saturday, April 4, 2009

I'm a-goin' plant huntin'!

I went plant hunting today! Tried to avoid anything big box and visit my favorite mom & pop nurseries. They were packed! Must have been the beautiful weather. While have several favorites, I don't think you can beat Kenny's Place nursery. They just have the coolest plants there! Here is a run down of what I picked up:

2 day lilies (probably Stella D'Oro, but they weren't labeled)
1 angel wing begonia
1 Lily of the Nile
2 1 gallon pots of white butterfly ginger
1 Hedychium coccineum (orange 'Tara' Ginger)
1 Costus Barbatus
And all for about $35, I might add! The Tara was especially wanting to come home with me. It is literally busting out of its pot.
My daughter especially fell in love with the Costus Barbatus and the velvety undersides of its leaves. It begged to be touched. The plant has bright red inflorescence with yellow blooms.

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