Sunday, March 29, 2009

All About the Worms

Here is the new worm bin, in pristine condition. Won't look like this again!
Per the directions, I filled the bottom with wet coir and shredded newspaper, lint and old fruit. The worms came in the pink bag.

In go the worms!

This is a hint from the instruction book that I hadn't heard before. This bin has 5 trays. It recommends filling a top one with dry shredded newspaper will make it more difficult for fruit flies to get in. I'm only using these two trays right now. As the worms move through food, I'll add more. When I'm ready to harvest castings, the book recommends moving that bin to the top and exposing it to light for a few days. The worms will burrow down into the lower bins.
So, that's about it. I'll keep you updated on how it goes. (BTW, I have a lousy track record with keeping pets. It is a miracle my daughter has made it as long as she has in my care. So we'll see how this goes.)

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